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About Car Services


This Website was established to help promote the local Car Service and Auto Businesses of Long Island and Beyond. You will find a mix of traditional advertising and internet advertisements here on this website along with Web Ads, Links to Websites, and Business Card Galleries. Coupons will be posted here to be printed out and redeemed for discounts and additional savings.  The Car Services Web will feature all your favorite auto industry websites and other car related businesses to help you find info on everything you need to make your auto search easier than the broader and more confusing search engines. We invite any and all Businesses to join
www.thecarservicesweb.com and coming soon www.longislandautomagazine.com
and expand your web presence throughout our vast Network and Web Community
www.thelongislandnetwork.com and www.thelongislandweb.com

  • Car Dealerships (New and Used)
  • Auto Body Shops
  • Collision and Repair Shops
  • Car Wash
  • Auto Detailing
  • Auto Accessories
  • Auto Upholstery
  • Car Insurance
  • Auto Loans

Maintainance and/or Repair

Whether it is a Tune-up, Oil Change, or just an Inspection you will be able to find your local car service here more than willing to extend a coupon or discount to you for using their services through this website. This website was created to help car service business owners to promote and advertise their business through the use of Photos, Coupons, Incentives, or just simply information about their business and location that will attract new customers or clients to use their services. Nowadays, it's hard to find people you can trust to do the right thing at the right price, but we hope our website here gives you the opportunity to research locally and worldwide the car service industry to give you a fighting chance to find someone or some business you can trust.

Looking to Own a New or Used Car? Rental or Lease?
We will look to provide you with a list of local dealerships that can assist you in finding that perfect vehicle for you including:
Brand New Automobiles
Luxury Limosines and Automobiles
Exotic Sportscars
Pre-owned Cars and Trucks
Classic Autos
Recreational Vehicles and Vans
Pick Up Trucks
Rental and Leased Vehicles
and much more

Our Photo Galleries will Showcase
some of the premiere cars and vehicles that are found on
Long Island
and it's surrounding areas including NYC and upstate New York.
We will be visiting and promoting
Car Shows and Parades across Long Island all year round
and featuring some of your favorites in our galleries.
Our Galleries will give you the opportunity to view these great photos
or purchase your favorite photos on mousepads, mugs, prints, puzzles, etc.

Are you Looking for an Insurance Company or Auto Loan?

We will provide you with a list or guide of the more popular companies and their contact info so you dont have to do this part of your leg work on your own, this may save you alot of time. We will link you directly to their websites which will contain all the contact info you need to get you started. We will try to provide you with reputable companies but we are in no way responsible for their business practices and we hope they live up to their reputations, and if for some reason they dont, we would appreciate you letting us know about it so we can re-evaluate to determine their continued advertising on this website.

Keeping Your Car Clean as New

We will provide you with a local guide or list of your favorite
Car Wash and Detailing Shops
Long Island and beyond.
They will provide you with coupons and discounts or incentives
here on this website to attract your business.
Print these Coupons Out and Redeem to Save $$$$

It is our Goal to make this website an interactive site
which benefits both the business owner and vehicle owner.
We want to hear your feedback
and will incorporate your suggestions and comments
into this website to help others with their car services search.

 Do-It-Yourself Mechanic?

We will Link you to websites and info that will make your task
easier and less time-consuming.
Ordering Parts, Manuals, and Supplies from these websites
will allow you to have them delivered to your front door ready to be installed.


Limousines Ready for Hire

Limo Services, Livery, and Cab Services
will be highlighted as well on this website.
We will provide contact info on these services
to help you make life saving decisions.


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